Blind test

During the plenary Avatar meeting in Copenhagen on December 2014, it was decided to organize a blind test campaign in order to compare several tools with each other and then with the measurements. This blind test is also open to research centers, universities and industry who are not involved in Avatar project.

For the blind test campaign, three cases will be used. In this document and underlying data files, the test cases are described and the analysis conditions are given. The selected test cases are:

Case 1: High Reynolds number characterization of DU00-W-212 airfoil: wind tunnel tests performed in the pressurized DNW-HDG wind tunnel.
Case 2: FFA-W3-241 Airfoil equipped with vortex generators at Re=1.5e6 performed in the wind tunnel of NTUA
Case 3: DU95W180 airfoil with dynamic flap in steady and unsteady flow at Re=1.0e6 performed in the wind tunnel of TUDelft.

The results of the blind test were presented at a side event during the next EWEA conference in November 2015 in Paris.


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Web based validation platform

Several documented validation cases are and will be uploaded on the AVATAR site in the form of a web based validation platform.

Until now the following cases from WP3 (flow devices) are uploaded. 

WP3 Part A

2D cases with Experimental data

Set No.








DU97 W 300, Re=2 10^6





NTUA18, Re=0.87 10^6





Flat plate

Zero & Adverse p.grad.







TE Flap static


TL 190-82, Re=3.3 10^6, width=10%, rigid



TE Flap dynamic





TE Flap dynamic


DU95 W 180, Re=1.0 10^6, flap=20%, M=0.073


Will be supplied after EWEA 2015

Tripped at 5% suction (top) side and 10% at pressure (bottom) side


At the 35th AIAA Wind Energy Symposium from 9-13 January 2017 in Texas USA these presentations were given:

  1. A computationally-effect panel code for unsteady airfoil modelling including dynamic stall
  2. Improving Airfoil Lift Prediction
  3. Summary of the Blind Test Campaign to predict the High Reynolds number     performance of DU00-W-210 airfoil 

An oral presentation was given at the 69th Annual meeting of the American physical Society-Division of Fluid Dynamics (APS-DFD 2016) find the link here.

These three oral presentations were given during STAB 8-9 November 2016

  • Hybrid RANS/LES simulations of the three-dimensional flow at root region of a 10 MW wind turbine rotor
  • CFD study of trallinf edge flaps for load control on wind turbines
  • An Experimental Setup for Airfoil Characterizations in Customized Turbulent Flow

The following papers were submitted at the Science of Making Torque conference in October 2016:

During the 2016 Windturbine Blade Workshop, Sandia National Laboratories in the USA, this presentation was given by Gerard Schepers.

At the EERA Deepwind Trondheim, Norway Gerard Schepers gave the presentation: Advanced Aerodynamic Tools for 1arge Rotors

Four oral presentations were given during the IRP conference 2016 in Amsterdam: 

-Introduction of the project by Gerard Schepers, ECN
-Advanced aerodynamic modelling by Niels N. Sørensen, DTU Wind Energy
-Flow device aerodynamics by Alvaro González, CENER
-Roadmap for further improvements by Gerard Schepers, ECN and Niels N. Sørensen, DTU Wind Energy

Two extended abstracts from Eva Jost and Galih Bangga (University of Stuttgart) where presented at the EAWE PhD seminar from 23rd till 25th of September 2015 in Stuttgart Germany. Gerard Schepers (ECN) gave a keynote lecture at the same seminar.

A paper which was presented by University of Liverpool in May 2015 at the DEWEK conference in Bremen, Germany, can be found here.

At the 33rd ASME Wind Energy Symposium which was held from January 5th until January 8th, 2015, two papers on AVATAR were accepted for oral presentations. For more information please click on here and here.

This paper was presented by Eva Jost (Universtity of Stuttgart) during the 10th PhD Seminar on Wind Energy in Europe. 28-31 October 2014, Orleans, France. You can find the presentation here.

A presentation on High Reynolds Number Effects is given by Özlem Ceyhan and Herman Snel (ECN) at the European Fluid Mechanics Conference in Copenhagen on 17 September 2014. For more information please go to this link.

Also Niels Soerensen (DTU) gave a presentation on transition modelling at High Reynolds numbers at that conference . For more information go to this link.

These three papers where presented during The Science of making torque from wind, 18-20 June 2014, Copehagen, Denmark.

For an overview of INNWIND.EU publications please go to this link.